Remote working

I am currently able to offer counselling either over the telephone, or by way of webcam platforms (zoom, skype, facetime).

Should you wish to try this way of working it is very important that you are able to find a private and confidential space in which to talk – one where you are unlikely to be overheard or interrupted. Working in this way has its own unique advantages, and disadvantages – it is not suitable for all circumstances. At a first meeting we will explore how any ongoing work might be undertaken in the safest and most effective manner.


Resuming face to face counselling

I am very pleased that I am now able to see clients face to face once again from my home.  Since I work from a detached annex, your only contact will be with me – and I will be maintaining an appropriate distance from clients, as advised.  Please bring something to drink should you wish. As well as frequently washing my hands, I will clean door handles and table surfaces before and after each session.

I am also seeing clients again in Exeter, at Holmedale Health.  On arrival, all clients are requested to sanitise their hands, social distancing, and good ventilation, is maintained, and gloves and masks are available upon request. Again, please bring your own water for refreshment. 

Whether seeing me at my home or in Exeter please be mindful that I am seeing other clients. Should you experience any symptoms, or be exposed to someone with symptoms, please do not attend a session.